Greeting from Chairman
I would like to welcome you on behalf of our executive committee to the new Technical College Soccer Festival Executive Committee home page. Our executive committee has planned and managed soccer exchange tournaments between technical colleges and high schools since 2006. Currently approximately 600,000 students are registered in technical colleges throughout Japan, and technical colleges have become facilities of higher education which 20% of all high school students enter each year. In technical colleges, besides an education of vocational knowledge and vocational technical skills, human education towards career including extra-curricular activities is also carried out. However, the current reality is one where the actual education in technical colleges has yet to be properly recognized.

A goal of beginning this tournament is to expand the ring of friendship without borders between high schools and technical colleges through soccer, to deepen understanding, and to give high school students the opportunity for a greater number of academic choices. The executive committee organizes technical college and high school soccer exchange tournaments in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and Tokyo vs. Okinawa technical college and high school soccer exchange tournaments in Okinawa.

We would like to thank the Tokyo Football Association for its guidance in planning and for its support as the host organization holding the exchange tournament between the different types of schools. Our gratitude also to the Okinawa Football Association, and to many other support organizations for the Okinawa tournament.

Special thanks to the Tokyo Academy Football Association for its extensive cooperation.

Technical College Soccer Festival Executive Committee
Chairman Tamotsu Matsuzawa
Technical College Soccer Festival Executive Committee
Technical College Soccer Festival
Honorary Chairman Tadakazu Oono Japan Electronics College
Chairman Tamotsu Matsuzawa NPO Supporting Association for Youths
Vice-chairman Shigeharu Yokoyama tokyo technical college
Haruki Sakamoto Nippon Engineering College of Hachioji
Tomohiro Nakamura Mukaigaoka High School
Secretary-General Michiteru Yasumura Japan Electronics College
Committee Nobuhiro Sekiya Toho Gakuen
Kenta Kato Nippon Engineering College of Hachioji
Masaya Kato Nippon Wellness College
Toru Takagi Risshisha
Tadahito Inagawa Japan Health Care College
Tadashi Sasaki Tokyo Academy Football Association
Auditor Masayuki Yoshikawa Eimei High School